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You know you’re being judged by your appearances first and your knowledge/ talent second.  You know those pretty 20 somethings are getting more opportunities simply because of their looks. You know it’s a man’s world and a woman of certain age is considered yesterday’s news…

Isn’t it time to stop hiding behind self-deprecating lies (not pretty enough, not young enough, not thin enough)?

Aren’t you ready for the world to see you?


Your Beauty.  Your Power. Your Style.

I work with celebrities. On movie sets.

There, I said it.

You might think working with movie stars is WAAAAYYYY different than working with you. Because they are more than you. (STOP right there, pretty please!) The truth is famous people are just like you and me; with skincare concerns, their body image insecurities and bad hair days.

But movies stars have what you thought you can’t have. Until now.

A SWAT team of professional image makers.

When a star steps into the hair and makeup trailer, she knows she’s getting much more than just style. The team inside is also her therapists, her cheerleaders, her coaches.  She knows she will walk to the set looking and feeling like the super woman she really is.

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Which brings us back to you.

To Your Image. Your Beauty. Your Super Power.


At Tiffin & Posh, I, Ulla Gaudin, and my team of makeup artist experts do more than just show you the latest trends.


We up your brand status, get you out of elastic waistband mode and turn back the hands of time. Because you ARE beautiful.

And most importantly because we might be over 40/50/60 etc, but god dammit, we are not dead yet!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

As a seasoned Hollywood makeup artist, who has prettied up a bunch of Oscar winning actors, I've got a trick or two up my sleeve.

And because I believe EVERY woman should feel good in her skin, I've decided to GIVE you my secrets for FREE!


In this Ultimate Guide to Longlasting Makeup I share:

● THE most important thing in makeup. (Hint, it's NOT your brushes or the brand of makeup you use!)

● How your makeup will look flawless, every time, like a pro makeup artist did it

● How your makeup will stay on ALL day, every day, and not melt after the first 2 hours

● How you can create a perfect everyday look with just FOUR products

and much more!

Before I come to my senses and decide to charge for this, where should I send this?

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