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Gaudin helps women like you channel their inner power to create their own personal style.

As a professional make-up artist / hair stylist  she has contributed to many successful international stage, film, and television productions, and her expertise includes skincare, prosthetic make-up and wig-making. As an entrepreneur and also a consultant for the 2nd largest premium skincare company in the United States, she prides herself in helping women own their style, own their power and change their lives.

To her clients – whether it be actresses, or simply women looking to channel their inner power & beauty in their skin – Ulla brings all of her extensive knowledge as well as passion.



What I believe in



Me. 3 yrs old. Mad because I couldn’t get that bobby pin in my doll’s plastic hair.

Some people are born singers or salespeople. I was born a makeup artist and stylist. Before I could tie my shoes, I was coloring my dolls’ faces with Sharpies, cutting their hair or sewing pieces for their next fashion show.


Despite some raised eyebrows and “That’s not a real career” from the people closest to me, I decided to follow my heart and went through a rigorous 4-year degree program and internships at Cosmetology School in my native Finland. I was living my early childhood dream!


Only to wake up to a serious health scare a few years later. While in an extremely abusive relationship… I was given a death sentence and somebody was still using me as a punching bag. That was the turning point for me. I decided to live MY life the way I wanted. Do things MY way. I learned how powerful my mind is. I learnt I could be, or do, or have anything I wanted if I simply had a right mindset. And I’m not talking about chanting positive quotes like a monk. No, this stuff is powerful. But it takes time because you have programmed yourself to believe those self-deprecating lies, and requires you to be gentle with yourself. You read that right, GENTLE! How often do we women force our way through things? How often do we say “I can handle this!” even when we’re on the verge of tears? I want you to know that there’s another way. A gentle way. A happy, funny, lucky, laugh-your-way-to-riches way.


After a few years stint in England I moved to U.S (to Hawaii to Florida to Louisiana… yep, I lived in New Orleans during Katrina). I have kept my passion alive and have now worked with big names, big brands in the film and commercial industry for over 20 years.  From movie star tantrums to fabulous wrap parties, I have seen it all..


I believe looking, rather feeling, glamorous, is not just for movie stars.


I believe EVERY woman is entitled to feel confident and beautiful, in her own skin.

I’m the Fairy Godmother who turns you from the busy-messy-don’t-have-a-clue-how-to-dress-Cinderella-Executive into the glamorous, badass boss lady you are inside. And I make sure the magic lasts beyond the stroke of midnight.

As a seasoned Hollywood makeup artist, who has prettied up a bunch of Oscar winning actors, I've got a trick or two up my sleeve.

And because I believe EVERY woman should feel good in her skin, I've decided to GIVE you my secrets for FREE!


In this Ultimate Guide to Longlasting Makeup I share:

● THE most important thing in makeup. (Hint, it's NOT your brushes or the brand of makeup you use!)

● How your makeup will look flawless, every time, like a pro makeup artist did it

● How your makeup will stay on ALL day, every day, and not melt after the first 2 hours

● How you can create a perfect everyday look with just FOUR products

and much more!

Before I come to my senses and decide to charge for this, where should I send this?

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