When was the last time you put on makeup?

Why did you put on makeup?

Who told you how to do your makeup?

Who told you what makeup products to use?


Ok, ok, those were not very serious Qs, but let’s get real here for a minute. Have you EVER asked yourself any of those questions?


Did you know?

Majority of us (98% in fact) never question the beauty routines we have picked up from our moms, magazines and that cute girl at the beauty counter.

You might be asking yourself “Why would that be a problem?” And you’re right, it might not be a problem. IF YOUR MOM, MAGAZINES AND THAT CUTE GIRL AT THE BEAUTY COUNTER ARE ALL TRAINED PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTS!

Sorry for yelling, but when most people refer to general makeup artists they are actually referring to beauty advisors, not makeup artists. Beauty advisors are people who work at makeup counters and do not have makeup certifications but are trained by the counter on how to use and sell their specific products…



Let’s pretend I’m actually having an actual conversation with you. This is how it goes 99% of the time:


ME: When was the last time you put on makeup?

YOU: This morning.

ME: Why did you put on makeup?

YOU: Because it makes me feel better about myself.

ME: Who told you how to put on makeup?

YOU: Oh, I don’t know. I might have picked it up from my mom originally and then I talked to that adorable little girl at XYZ counter. Oh and I saw this fun YouTube video on how to do a cut crease eyes but I didn’t turn out the way I wanted to. I think the girl on the video was so much younger my eyes just can’t do what her’s did anymore. Hahahaaaa.

ME: Who told you what makeup products to use?

YOU: Well, if I don’t have time to go see my girl at XYZ counter, I usually just walk to a drug store and get whatever is cheapest. It’s all the same anyway, right?

Not to be rude, but REALLY?

You’ve clawed your way through college, executive ladder and motherhood just to “It’s all the same anyway”- through life? If I don’t remember wrong, you just said you like to put on makeup BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF.



Think about it.

You’ve been told since you were little that you need to use the products A, B and C because they’re so cheap/ easily available/ everyone uses them. They’ll do. They’ll get the job done. But you never gave much thought to learn what’s best for more important events.




My tools and tricks are the secrets sauce to get you noticed. To get your deals done. To show the world your true brand.


Think of my Movie Magic Secrets as a symbol of taking you/ your company/ your brand to the next level. Because when you begin using the right tools, techniques and products, you feel even better about yourself, and begin to project your improved self-confidence to the world around you.



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You have your basics sorted out but would like to learn more.


What kind of eyeliner do I need?

Is that night serum really necessary?

How many lipsticks does one need?


On this consultation we will create one versatile look for you. You’ll learn it all from picking the right foundation to what type of eyeshadows and liner to use.


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