Ulla’s approach to consulting is personalized and unique.

She takes the tasks that we do every day, skincare, makeup application etc, and brings to it quality and simplification.

She truly helps you to feel more confident and beautiful about who you are by showing you how to put your best face forward.

Becky Gustafson

Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Ulla is a heaven sent magical creature, who has simplified my daily routine to the point that I wake up excited because I know exactly what to do and it won’t take me hours to get ready!

Michelle Bruno

Real Estate Investor

Ulla pays close attention to detail, enhancing your natural features. She's capable of giving you exactly the look you want right there on the spot. My professional photos came out fabulous and were even featured in an online Wedding magazine

She always delivers an exceptional look just right for the occasion. One of the best parts of her makeup applications that I love most is that it ALWAYS feels natural and not cakey.

Jennifer Roe Mutz

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