The Penthouse Package

This is an exclusive package for the senior executive / business lady bosses.  No more wasting time each morning on wondering what to wear, how to do your hair, and which shade of lipstick to use.  

Over two days, you & I, we work together to uncover your personal style – the one that reflects your inner power.

Here’s how we go about it:

Day 1

1.       I get to know you better – the ‘work’ you. Where you work, what you do, and most importantly – how you want to show up at work. How do you want people to see you? How do you want them to react to you.

2.       I get to know YOU better. The real you. Who you are inside. Body and mind. What your ideas of beauty are, what your ideas of power are. How you want to show up in the world.

3.       Then I work my magic. I become your fairy godmother, your “housecleaner” to plan out the right kind of styles for your body type, the right kind of makeup for your skin, declutter your style and find those right kind of stilettos to crack your glass ceilings.

Day 2

1.       I walk you through the different kinds of boss lady styles, and why this ‘personal’ style works for you.

2.       I show you how to work your wardrobe to get ‘that’ power look. I tell you the missing pieces in your wardrobe and where you should get them from.

3.       I show you how to work your own magic with makeup – how to pair the right kind of makeup with each outfit, to achieve that oh-so-perfect look. Like you walked right out of a Forbes 100 Photo Shoot. And of course, the right kind of products, for your skin type.

4.       We pair it all together – the wardrobes, the makeup and I show you how you can work it all into a 10 minute routine each morning. Heck, I know you don’t have the time to try on 5 different outfits and 4 shades of lipstick each morning!


At the end of our 2 days together, you know exactly how to put together the perfect power look for to be badass boss lady you are.

Packages start from $2500.

Is The Penthouse Package right for You?

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Add Ons


The “Forbes” Photo Shoot

Someday… you just know you’re going to be on the cover of Business Insider / Entrepreneur / Forbes. Why wait?

Find out what it feels like – today. Book the “Forbes” photo shoot.

My team and I style you for a Forbes / Other Business Mag photo shoot. Wardrobe, makeup, power dressing. You got it all. And to boot – we get our very own hotshot Photographer to take those power shots of you.

You don’t have to wait to be on the cover of Forbes. We print it on your very own personalized Mag.


Personalized Shopping

Is shopping not quite your thing?

Don’t know how/where to get just that right cardigan to go with that skirt?

Don’t have the time to scour 7 different stores before you find the right foundation for your skin type?

I become your personal shopper for the day.

Wardrobe shopping, makeup shopping whatever you need.

And to boot, we have a fun girls day out.

Is The Penthouse Package right for You?

Schedule a call to find out.

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