That could be THE mantra for at least 80% of the women I know.

We love to live peacefully and there’s nothing quite like those days when your eyebrows are just right. Don’t you agree?

And no, I’m not talking about these kind of eyebrows….


As pretty as ombre brows are, I think they require too much daily grooming and artistic skill.

Besides, for us Generation X ladies this might not be the best look anyway. So let’s save these for the Millennials, shall we?

Have you noticed how your brows magically start to appear lower, and lower and lower after you hit 40?

I’m at the point I have to shave my brows past the arch so I don’t look like I’m super sad or falling asleep… (I don’t really shave them so please don’t try that at home)

There are tricks that make your eyebrows look fuller (oh yeah, that’s another thing… they all of a sudden start thinning out too) and ways to create a nice arch even if you don’t have to brows you did at 20.

I know you have Googled “how to shape/ fill in brows”. I know this because 99.9% of Gen X does that. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The only problem is that you’ll probably end up with a video of a 20-something filling in her already perfect eyebrows.

I created a video awhile back about how to fill in your eyebrows. I have shared this before, but since I got so many emails requesting this, I’m sharing it again.

Yes, I know it’s ME, filling in MY brows and I’m always talking about the “makeup artist” on social media who only know how to do makeup on their own face. But let’s face it. I have THE lightest and sparsest eyebrows you’ll ever see. If my eyebrows can be filled in, so can yours.

Plus I promise, this is the only time I’ll ever use myself as a model. My next video will also be about eyebrows, specifically how to shape your brows, and I’ll be the worst candidate for that.

On the video I use my absolutely favorite product for Gen X brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade. However, it can be a little tricky to use if you haven’t filled your eyebrows much in the past.

It’s ok to start with a pencil, and work your skills up to using DipBrow. There’s a few things to remember though, when picking a brow pencil.

  1. You don’t want it to be too soft. If it’s not firm enough, it will smear easily and you’ll end up with a mess.
  2. Make sure the color matches the color of your own eyebrows. Don’t try to make them something they’re not until you’ve got this so down you can do it in your sleep. I personally have to use a much darker color for two reasons: there’s no such color that would match my natural brows, and even if there was, I wouldn’t buy it because I want to be able to see my brows…
  3. When using your pencil, you want to create small strokes as if imitating natural hairs. Practice making small lines on your arm first if you’ve never done this before.


Another great option to practice with is your plain old eyeshadow. Using a brow brush (yes, you really do need one), simply brush small strokes to create a filled-in look.

It is important to remember though, not all eyeshadows are created equal when used for eyebrows.


  1. Absolutely avoid all shimmer and glitter… I know that should be given, but you’d be surprised what I’ve seen.
  2. Pick an ashy brown, anything that has even the slightest amount of red can make your brows look sunburnt. Not a good look even for eyebrows.


That’s it for now, next time I’ll show you lucky ducks with super full (you might even say bushy) eyebrows how to shape them!

Blue skies and sunshine!